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845 Stripe 2002-03
845s OVERSIZE PLUS 2002-03
845s Silver Scot (polished) 2002-03
845 V-25 EVO Forged 2000-02
845 V-31 EVO 2000-02
845 V-31 EVO RO Blade 2000-02
845s OVERSIZE 1998-01
845s Titanium 1998-99
Pure Titanium TI 100 1997-98
Pure Titanium TI 100 Ladies 1997-98
855 Diamond Scot 1996-97
855s Golden Scot 1995-97
855s SILVER SCOT 1995-97
E.Q.L. One Swing Design 1989-94
845s SILVER SCOT 1988-98
R-91 Sand Iron 1987-95
Ironfinder has used, single, replacement Tommy Armour golf clubs including the best selling 845s Silver Scot as well as various other 845 and 855 series models in stock and ready to ship. In business since 1982, our goal is to help you replace your lost or missing individual Tommy Armour golf iron from your favorite set by providing excellent customer service which includes same day shipping (Monday to Friday) and a 100% money back guarantee on all single Tommy Armour golf irons that we sell.

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TommyArmour 855s SILVER SCOT3 Iron
Precision Flighted Rifle FCM 5.5 (gold/black label) steel shaftMen's Right Handed
$11.95 USGood Cond.Click to place into shopping cart More Info/Buy
Thinking about adding a 3 iron to your bag? How about a classic Tommy Armour 855s Silver Scot 3 iron? You can't go wrong at this price!!
Internet sales only. Limited quantities available at these prices. One per customer. Pricing not applicable to previously shipped orders. For limited time only. Representative pictures only.