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i20 2012-13
G20 2011-14
G15 2009-13
i15 2009-12
Rapture V2 2009-11
S57 2008-09
G10 2007-09
i10 2007-09
i5 2007
G5 2006-07
Rapture WTi 2006-08
S58 2006-07
G2 2003-06
G2 HL 2003-06
S59 Tour (with ferrule) 2003
i3+ 2002-03
I3+ BLADE 2002-03
S59 (no ferrule) 2002
i3 Blade 1999-01
i3 O-Size 1999-01
ISI 1996-99
ISI-K 1996-99
ISI BeCu 1996-99
ISI Nickel 1996-99
Zing 2 1994-96
Zing 2 BeCu 1994-96
Zing 1992-94
Zing BeCu 1992-94
Eye2+ 1990-98
Eye2+ BeCu 1990-98
Eye (Patented) 1985-89
Eye2 (Pat. No.) 1984-90
Eye2 BeCu 1983-90
Eye2 (Pat. Pending) 1982-84
Eye (Pat. No.) 1980-85
Karsten I (Made in USA, nbr on sole) 1977-84
Karsten I (US.Pat. iron nbr on sole) 1977
Karsten II 1977-84
Karsten III 1977-84
Karsten IV 1977-80
Karsten I (Patent No. with dot) 1974-77
Karsten I (Pat. Pend. with dot) 1972-74
Karsten I (Pat. Pend. no dot) 1968-71
Ironfinder has a wide selection of single, used replacement Ping golf irons in stock including the very popular G Series (G15, G10, G5 and G2) and i series ( i15, i10, i5 and i3) golf clubs. In addition, we have clubs from the S57, S58 and S59 models as well as the ISI models in stock and ready to ship. Last but certainly not least, we have the classic Ping golf irons from the Eye2, Eye, Zing and even some of the original Karsten models from the 1970's. In business since 1982, our goal is to help you replace your lost or missing Ping golf iron or to add an additional golf club or wedge to your set by providing excellent customer service including same day shipping (Monday through Friday) and a 100% money back guarantee on all individual Ping golf irons that we sell.

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TaylorMade RBZ MAX (Rocketballz)5 Iron
TaylorMade RBZ MAX Ozik Program 55 Flex R graphite shaftMen's Right Handed
Starting at $46.95 USShow Details
Is your golf bag short a 5 iron? How about considering one from TaylorMade's RBZ MAX model? In stock and ready to ship today!
Promotional sample picture only
TaylorMade RBLADEZ TOUR (Rocketbladez)A (approach) wedge
KBS Tour X by FST steel shaftMen's Right Handed
$69.95 USBrand NewClick to place into shopping cart More Info/Buy
Need a wedge to play between your pitching and sand wedges? How about trying a TaylorMade RBLADEZ TOUR 52 degree Approach wedge? Order yours today!
Promotional sample picture only
Callaway Big Bertha Irons 04W(wedge)
Callaway RCH (large gray letters) RCH 75i (small red letters) Regular graphite shaftMen's Right Handed
$37.95 USGood Cond.Click to place into shopping cart More Info/Buy
Looking for a 50 degree wedge? Here's an outstanding one from Callaway's Big Bertha 2004 model that would be a perfect addition to your golf bag! Limited quantity available at this price.
Promotional sample picture only
RAM FX Oversize NICKEL8 Iron
RAM FX Series TempoWeight 80+ MPH graphite shaftMen's Right Handed
$19.95 USBrand NewClick to place into shopping cart More Info/Buy
Having a hard time finding an 8 iron to match your set? Check out this BRAND NEW Ram FX Oversize Nickel 8 iron with a graphite shaft. At this LOW price, it would be the perfect replacement in your bag.
Promotional sample picture only
TommyArmour 855s SILVER SCOT9 Iron
TommyArmour G Force 2 Senior Series 145 (charcoal) graphite shaftMen's Right Handed
$24.95 USBrand NewClick to place into shopping cart More Info/Buy
Has your 9 iron gone missing? Here's a great deal on a BRAND NEW Tommy Armour 855s Silver Scot 9 iron that would be a great substitute in your golf bag. You can't go wrong at this price.
Internet sales only. Limited quantities available at these prices. One per customer. Pricing not applicable to previously shipped orders. For limited time only. Representative pictures only.