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HAIG (diamond) ULTRA (Contour Sole) 1984-86
HAIG (diamond) ULTRA (Crenshaw Grind) 1984-86
Ben Crenshaw TOUR BLADE 1983
The Haig 1980-84
MATRIX LP 1978-79
THE HAIG 1978-79
ULTRA (under logo in circle) 1977
Ultradyne III (on sole) 1977
Ultradyne II (on sole) 1976-77
HAIG(over logo over)ULTRA 1975-76
Ultradyne II 1974-75
(logo in circle) HAIG-ULTRA 1973-74
Ultradyne (on sole-red button) 1972-73
(logo)HAIG~ULTRA 1971-72
HAIG(logo)ULTRA 1970
Ultradyne (on sole-black button) 1970-71
(logo) HAIG-ULTRA 385 390 1969
Haig( )Ultra 1968
HAIG~ULTRA Contour Sole 1967
HAIG~ULTRA Reg. 385 390 (on sole) 1966
Haig (diamond) Ultra 1965-66
HAIG (diamond) ULTRA FLUID FEEL(on hosel) 1963-64
Haig (star) Ultra Contour Sole 1962
Lady Ultra 1962-76
HAIG ULTRA (Check mark) 1961
Haig Ultra 1960
Haig ultra 1959
HAIG ultra POWER 1958
The Haig ULTRA 19MO 1951-52
The Haig Reg. No. 19MO 1950
Ironfinder has a varied selection of used, single replacement Walter Hagen golf clubs. With vintage golf clubs from the 1950's to the 1980's in stock from the numerous Haig Ultra models as well as the Ultradyne models, our goal is to help you replace your missing or lost individual Walter Hagen golf iron from your favorite set. We strive to provide excellent customer service which includes same day shipping (Monday to Friday) and a 100% money back guarantee on all single Walter Hagen golf irons that we sell.

Promotional sample picture only
TaylorMade Burner (1.0 chrome)P (pitching wedge)
TaylorMade Burner 85 SUPERFAST Uniflex steel shaftMen's Right Handed
$59.95 USBrand NewClick to place into shopping cart More Info/Buy
Have you lost your favorite Pitching Wedge? How about replacing it with a TaylorMade Burner 1.0 PW? These are priced to sell - add one to your bag today!
Promotional sample picture only
TaylorMade Tour Preferred CB ForgedA (approach) wedge
True Temper Dynamic Gold XP S300 steel shaftMen's Right Handed
Starting at $53.95 USShow Details
Looking for a 51 degree wedge? How about adding a TaylorMade Tour Preferred CB A 51* wedge to your golf bag? This one is a beauty!!
Promotional sample picture only
RAM FX Ti-SERT OversizeS (sand) wedge
RAM TEMPOWEIGHT, Timed Release, MaxKick, Flex-Matched (no speed indicated) graphite shaftMen's Right Handed
$19.95 USBrand NewClick to place into shopping cart More Info/Buy
Are those sand traps wreaking havoc on your golf game? Here is a great deal on a brand new OVERSIZE sand wedge that might help!
Promotional sample picture only
Nike Slingshot 4D6 Iron
Nike Slingshot 4D R Flex graphite shaftMen's Right Handed
Starting at $26.95 USShow Details
Is your favorite 6 iron missing from your golf bag? Why not consider a Nike Slingshot 4D 6 iron as a replacement option. Available for a limited time only at this low price.
Promotional sample picture only
TommyArmour 845s SILVER SCOT3 Iron
TommyArmour G Force 2 Tour Series 105 (silver/blue) R graphite shaftMen's Right Handed
$24.95 USBrand NewClick to place into shopping cart More Info/Buy
Do you miss having a 3 iron in your bag? How about adding a classic Tommy Armour 845s Silver Scot - BRAND NEW - with a graphite shaft? A great option to have besides your hybrid out on the course !
Promotional sample picture only
Titleist 755 FORGED9 Iron
True Temper Dynamic Gold SL S300 steel shaftMen's Right Handed
$33.95 USGood Cond.Click to place into shopping cart More Info/Buy
Is your golf game suffering due to that missing 9 iron? Check out this deal on a Titleist 755 9 iron with a steel, stiff flex shaft. A great cure for your ailing game!
Internet sales only. Limited quantities available at these prices. One per customer. Pricing not applicable to previously shipped orders. For limited time only. Representative pictures only.